Living a Hallmark Christmas Movie

It was bound to happen. When you spend July through December addicted to watching glimpses of Hallmark Christmas movies, in-between making & cleaning up dinner, it's inevitable that life will imitate art. So here we are. Now, to be fair, my life isn't exactly like a Hallmark movie. My parents are (thankfully) both still alive.... Continue Reading →

Picking out the Christmas Tree

I wait all year for this day. The first Saturday in December. It's the official start of the Christmas season in our house. It's the day we pick out our family Christmas tree. And we don't just show up and say, "yah, we'll take that one." Nope. It's an event. We wait until nightfall. We... Continue Reading →

Christmas Memories

There is something about the song, "Silent Night" that brings me to tears. Not like, just once in a while, but every time I hear it. It doesn't matter who is singing it, or where I hear it, when I hear that song, I'm brought back to Christmas Eve in my childhood home. I'm eight... Continue Reading →

Tis the Season

No matter what month it is, I find myself counting down the days till I can listen to Christmas music. I know. You’ve just stopped reading. You hate me. I’m one of those “rush the season” types. I decorate for Fall in early September. I fill the air with scents of Spiced Pumpkin and Autumn... Continue Reading →

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