Taking Down the Christmas Tree

Day 2 of 365:

Taking down the Christmas tree evokes a lot of emotions. For many, it’s a time of sadness that the season is over. For some, it’s an annoyance. The pine needles. The multiple trips to the attic; packing up the ornaments, the lights and tinsel, and all things jolly, tucking them away, safe for another year.

We took our tree down today. And while I knew it was going to be a lot of work, a lot of clean up, and a lot of hours, I was actually excited. No, I’m not crazy. No, I don’t like to sweep up thousands of pine needles. But I do like un-decorating.

For me, taking down the tree is just as eventful as putting it up. Every ornament that is removed, is a memory. And while the ornaments come down, it presents an opportunity to talk about this past holiday season. It gives my husband and I a chance to recap our Christmas Eve party, the food, the family & friends who came to share the holiday with us.

Taking down the tree, was a chance for my husband and I to share a laugh or two about past Christmases when the kids were little, and all the things we did to make it special for them: the soot footprints that Santa left by the fireplace, leading to the Christmas tree. The Elf on the Shelf that always wrote a letter to the kids, saying goodbye until next year. As we unwind the lights, we talk about the tree itself. I love that we created a tradition of hugging the tree once we find “ours” and while our kids are older now, they still humor us by hugging it, despite their embarrassment.

Once the tree is removed from the house, we start to piece together the living room. It’s a team effort. It’s hours in the making, and once it’s done, we sit and look around, smiling. Another wonderful holiday is in the books. Another year together as a family.

Another year to look forward to.

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